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Helix Porting Project


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Helix Porting Project

The Porting project is a central forum for efforts to port the Helix DNA Client to other platforms.

Helix DNA Client: Desktop

Status Primary Mailing List(s) More info
Windows Working/Complete


Helix DNA Client website

Macintosh Working/Complete

player-dev (for hxclientkit issues)

Helix DNA Client website

Linux Working/Complete


Helix Player website

Solaris Near complete


Helix Player website

HP-UX Near complete


Helix Player website

Helix DNA Client: Embedded

Status Primary Mailing List(s) More info
PalmOS Under discussion


Embedded Linux Working/Complete


Linux ARM website
Helix Player website

Windows CE/PocketPC Near complete


WinCE website

Symbian Working/Complete


Symbian Helix Player website

Nucleus Under discussion


VxWorks Working


VxWorks porting page

iTron Under discussion


Brew Working


Brew porting page

Android Under Development android-port Android Porting Page

If you are interested in the status of these ports, there are mailing lists available in the porting project. If you don't find what you're looking for above, check the archives for the general porting list. You can join any of these lists to find out what is going on.

If you are interested in ports to other platforms, be they open source (e.g., FreeBSD) or commercial (e.g., OSE or PowerTV), join and post to the main porting discussion mailing list. There may be others with similar interests, and we can give you your own mailing list or other resources as appropriate to assist in the porting effort. We also recommend you review the Helix Client Porting Guide which should be of great help in estimating the effort needed to accomplish a port as well as providing a template for conducting a port.

If you are interested in porting the Helix Server to other platforms, please use the Helix Server project for your discussions. While some of the information presented the Helix Client porting docs listed below will be relevant, there are significant differences which are best covered in the main helix-server project at this time.


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